JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Vayakhel in a Nutshell Exodus 35:1–38:20 The name of the Parshah, “Vayakhel,” means “And he gathered” and it is found in Exodus 35:1. Moses assembles the people of Israel and reiterates to them the commandment … Read More

Ki Tisa

JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Ki Tisa in a Nutshell Exodus 30:11–34:35   The name of the Parshah, “Ki Tisa,” means “When you take” and it is found in Exodus 30:11. The people of Israel are told to each contribute … Read More


JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Tetzaveh in a Nutshell Exodus 27:20–30:10 G‑d tells Moses to receive from the children of Israel pure olive oil to feed the “everlasting flame” of the menorah, which Aaron is to kindle each day, “from … Read More


JCCMchemot, Events, Parachiot

Va’etchanan in a Nutshell Deuteronomy 3:23–7:11 The name of the Parshah, “Va’etchanan,” means “I entreated,” and it is found in Deuteronomy 3:23. Moses tells the people of Israel how he implored G‑d to allow him … Read More


JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Michpatim – en bref Exode 21, 1 – 24, 18 Suite à la révélation du Sinaï, D.ieu promulgue une série de lois à l’adresse du peuple d’Israël. Elles incluent les lois relatives au serviteur contractuel, … Read More


JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Yitro in a Nutshell Exodus 18:1–20:23 Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, hears of the great miracles which G‑d performed for the people of Israel, and comes from Midian to the Israelite camp, bringing with him Moses’ wife … Read More

Parshat Bo

JCCMchemot, Parachiot

Bo in a Nutshell Exodus 10:1–13:16 The last three of the Ten Plagues are visited on Egypt: a swarm of locusts devours all the crops and greenery; a thick, palpable darkness envelops the land; and … Read More


JCCMchemot, Parachiot

The children of Israel multiply in Egypt. Threatened by their growing numbers, Pharaoh enslaves them and orders the Hebrew midwives, Shifrah and Puah, to kill all male babies at birth. When they do not comply, … Read More