about us

Imagine a place where every person feels at home.

Imagine a place where children play, learn and develop their identities; where young adults and seniors share their wisdom; where parents transmit the joys and beauty of our heritage to the next generation.

Imagine a place where learning and laughter, sacred and secular, spiritual and physical come together in an inviting atmosphere of warmth and belonging.

The JCCM, through its many years of existence is part of the landscape of Monaco, known for its activities which meet tradition with soul and elegance.

We invite you to discover a diversity of cultural activities and events all year round.

May we see our greatest wish: the entire world filled with peace and harmony with the coming of Mashiach speedily in our days.


Rabbi Tanhoum Matusof

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JCCM - Jewish Cultural Center of Monaco
3, Avenue du Berceau - 98000 Monaco
Tel : +377 97 70 23 62
Email: info@jccmonaco.com


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