Tisha Be – Av July 26-27, 2023


The fast of Tishea Beav, marks the destruction of both Beth Hamikdash.

The fast will begin Wednesday evening, July 26 at 21:01, and will end Thursday  evening July 27 at 21:33.

The fast begins at sunset of the 8th of Av and concludes at nightfall the following night(delayed by one day when 9 Av is on Shabbat). During this time, we do not

  • eat or drink
  • wear leather footwear
  • bathe or wash ourselves (washing only until the knuckle when mandated by halachah)
  • apply ointments or creams
  • engage in marital relations or any form of intimacy
  • sit on a normal-height chair until chatzot (the time when the sun has reached its apex)
  • study Torah (except for the “sad” parts that deal with the destruction of the Temples, etc.)
  • send gifts, or even greet one another (you may respond to greetings)
  • engage in outings, trips or similar pleasurable activities
  • wear fine, festive clothing

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