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Purim begins Wednesday night, March 16 and continues through Thursday, March 17, 2022 (March 17-18 in Jerusalem) Monaco Purim Program at the Fairmont Rooftop: On Purim, we need to listen to the Megillah twice. Once … Read More

Prayers during Covid-19


Due to the coronavirus, the Prayers are taking place in another location. Reservations are mandatory in order to prepare accordingly. Please contact us for more details. You can find all of the information available about … Read More

New Podcast!


NEW! You can now listen to some classes by podcasts: Vayehi: Does the Kabbala predict the future? https://anchor.fm/rabbi-tanhoum-matusof/episodes/Does-Kabbala-predict-the-future-ea33fn/Does-Kabbala-predict-the-future-a19nh26